About Us

Ronaldo Byrd has been drawing and painting since the age of three. To date, he has developed over 200 characters, which he puts in phenomenal scenes. Byrd is a self- taught artist who has been compared to artists such as Grandma Moses. The Philadelphia Inquirer featured an article about his artwork and life. He also has been featured in several other newspapers. Ronaldo Byrd believes that everyone is beautiful and has something to offer to the world. Byrd also happens to be in the autistic spectrum, but he is an artist first. You can see his work in countless galleries, including The Stephanie Garwin Gallery in South Orange New Jersey. Byrd's specialties are paintings and murals. He also creates tee-shirts, hats,dolls, bags, puzzles and customized paintings using his own unique style of painting. We hope you enjoy his work, and welcome any and all suggestions.

Contact info: ronaldosartcorner@gmail.com